Friday, January 30, 2009

maybe out of existance

well almost another year has gone by and nothing has changed at so my guess is that at this site will always remain at this state... unless Ben decides to take over the domain registration... time will tell, but probably not much.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Idle but not out of existance

Yes this blog has been idle and probably will remain that way for a while... It was suppose to be reborn when I finished my thesis but the other half of FineLiquors has been off on other adventures (see

Sunday, July 08, 2007


If anyone is wondering what is or was or is going to be, well here is a short answer...
1. FineLiquors started off as a production company run by two brothers and handful of friends. It initially was the music production side kick of the IR-Mag (the product of one of the brothers, not the one writing this post). For those interested IR-Mag (Idée Reçue Magazine) was a literary journal started by Ben while at DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High). [Ben please you are a member of the writing staff of this blog... please correct and add on]

+ the first ever FineLiquors Party on 11.4.1995 at Respectable Street Cafe on EspanolaWay on S. Beach. The show featured Level 9, Watsons Army, the Popes, Lifeline, & Squid. It cost $5 at the door and was a +16 show. At that time technically/legally Fine Liquors consisted of Charles Huttoe, Wesley Klein, Nick Carrasco and Ben Carrasco.

+ 7.19.2001 · Fine Liqours in conjunction with IR Magazine hosted VS. at Club 5922 in S. Miami. 4 bands and 5 dj sets. Drum N' Bass VS. Punk Rock. Everybody had a good time.
At this time the principal partners in Fine Liqours were Nick Carrasco and Ben Carrasco with assistance from various others including but not limited to Abel Folgar, a girl named Kitty and another named Xio among others.

2. is the online side of the initial product, only minus the actual product. (the website) was established to assist the promotion of a weekly drum and bass show we ran for about 5 months. The show also included a number of local rock bands which gave the show its own variety and appeal. Since that time this site has essentially been MIA or plainly dead.

3. What is becoming... well it is becoming a blog/sounding board for those who were initially in the start up process of FineLiquors with the addition of some new friends and an additional brother who was too young at the time this all started. Hopefully in the near future many new developments will arise now that my thesis has been completed and I am moving off to DC. I know that Ben has had many ideas in the recent past for both IR-Mag and hopefully now it is the time to see some of those ideas come to fruition.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This site will be the future of

This site will eventually contain the rebirth of Stay tuned for the future.